Melco Resorts & Entertainment Partners with Our Legacy Creations to Remount the Acclaimed ‘The House of Dancing Water’ Show

OLC, a firm born from the desire to extend Franco Dragone’s artistic legacy, will lead the revival of Melco’s signature water-based extravaganza. The initiative signifies more than just the return of a cultural landmark, but underlines a commitment to enhancing the theater with modern updates to captivate future audiences.

“It is a privilege for us to support Lawrence Ho and Melco in bringing this creative masterpiece and cultural icon of Macau back to life. This show has played a significant role in and had a major influence on my career. It is time for the team at OLC and I, to give it all we have so that future audiences can also be mesmerized by this amazing spectacle!” expressed Anna Robb, partner at OLC.

The remount will mobilize a global consortium of talent, underscoring OLC’s dedication to delivering a production that remains a benchmark of excellence in the entertainment world of Macau.

As Macau diversifies its entertainment landscape, the reimagined “The House of Dancing Water” is set to re-establish itself as a pillar of the city’s vibrant cultural scene, offering unparalleled experiences to both residents and international visitors.

More updates from Melco are anticipated in the near future.

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